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Frequently Asked Questions

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#1 - How do I start a Private Label?

It's easy, just send us your logo on a business card and we take it from there.

#2 - What happens if I don't have a logo?

We will help you design one.

#3 - Are there minimum quantity requirements?

There are some and our sales force will go over that with you.

#4 - Are there liability problems if my name is on the bottle?

You and the manufacturer will have the same liability whether your name or the manufacturer's name is on the bottle.

#5 - Do I have to take a year's supply of private-label items up front?

No. We will maintain inventory for you.

#6 - Do I get the same day shipping even if I have a private label?


#7 - Does it cost for artwork to do a private label and is there a long term commitment required?

No. However, you will be expected to take any private label inventory we have if you decide to change vendors.

#8 - Do you have a complete line of pool and spa chemicals?

Yes. We pride ourselves that you can get virtually anything from us that any other vendor might have.

#9 - Are your prices competitive?

We are more than price competitive whether you buy one of our house brands or private labels.

#10 - Do you have technical support?

We have full time chemists on staff to help you with water tests and setting you up with complete computer lab analysis systems.