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The Jonas Private Labeling System

A program designed for profit and brand protection

Sell chemicals your competition can't undersell!

Private labeling protects your profits

Your customers know you. And your name is the one they trust. The one they associate with pools and spas and in supplying them with the right chemicals for the job. That's a fact you could be cashing in on, using your good name to generate a good deal of profit. How? By marketing the finest pool chemicals available under your own brand-name. QUality products with a name that's easy to sell, because your customers are already familiar with it. Brand-name products they won't be able to buy anywhere else... And that your competition won't be able to sell for less.

Private label from the leader

When it comes to private labeling, no one has more experience than N. Jonas & Co. - more than 55 years worth in fact, and that's made us the largest private labeler in the pool chemical industry; supplying companies across the country with top quality products in attractive packaging that sells. At Jonas, we make selling your own exclusive brand of pool chemicals easy and profitable, with our complete private labeling system.

You name it. We label it.

We provide private labeling for our entire product line. And we have all the products your customers need and want: a full line of top quality chemicals for every purpose, from sanitizing to maintaining chemical and biological balance, to cleaning pool water, equipment, and the pool itself.

We can private label all of our products in every size from residential to commercial use, and in reasonable quantities. We don't require large orders. And, best of all, we'll provide label for you at no extra cost.

Products that attract attention

We package our quality products in sturdy, child and spill-proof bottles and containers, each are completely and attractively silk-screened with your exclusive label.

For the label itself, you can supply us with artwork or a logo you're already using, or just a sketch. If you like, we can even design a logo for you. Either way, we'll create a distinctive label and look for your products in your choice of colors. We'll work closely with you on a total packaging design or our private label products.

Pricing for fast-turn profits

All of our private label products are competitively priced for fast-turn sales and dependable profits. At Jonas, we're committed to making sure our prices are always the best around, and we stay on top of all pricing changes in the industry. So you can be confident that you'll be giving your customers the best products they can buy at the best prices they can find.

Promotional Support

Ranging from FREE eye-catching in-store display racks, pool care guides and special sales promotions tailored to your specific operation. Support that puts over five decades of pool industry sales experience to work behind you.

Research and Innovation

At Jonas, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our existing products, as well as developing new methods of water sanitation and proper pool balance. This assures you of always carrying the most effective and innovative pool chemicals on the market.

Same-Day Shipping

So you get your products fast. With our shipping policy, any order places before 11:00am will be on its way by 4:00pm that same day and without back orders or shorted orders.

"One-of-the-family" Service

A family operation for over five decades, one thing hasn't changed at Jonas as we've grown over the years: we still treat all of our customers as if they were one of the family. And that means a high degree of personalized service you can count on day in and day out.

Free Label Design

Our fine products and your fine name. Put them together with our private label program, and you've got a great profit combination with exclusive brand-name protection.

And to help you get started, we're making this special offer: just supply us with a business card, an existing logo or label, and we'll design a professional looking bottle absolutely FREE and at no obligation to you.

To take advantage of this special offer, simply fill out and submit the form at the top of this page. Let us show you how easy it can be to protect your profits by selling your own exclusive brand of pool chemicals. So don't delay and fill out today.